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Customer Management Strategy and Planning

How we help?

FRAME will put the organisation in a fully ready-to-go state for a achieving clearly defined improvement in their Customer Management capabilities, quickly and based on much deeper insight than they would have access to on their own.
Together, CMAT and FRAME will convince the organisation’s management team of the (competitive) importance, value and viability of transforming their approach to Customer Management, while providing the implementers with a detailed roadmap for a commercially sensible programme to achieve the transformation.


A huge amount of ‘investment’, time and energy is wasted by organisations every year putting Customer Management programmes in place that were always doomed to failure or were dramatically over-engineered for their current state of maturity. Many others have missed out on potentially huge returns by not putting programmes in place when really needed. Both of these situations are entirely avoidable if you have access to the necessary experience, tools, resources and knowledge.

FRAME is designed to help you address this challenge quickly and cost-effectively. It is a specially developed approach, knowledge base and toolset, based on the experience of some of the world’s most forward-thinking practitioners. It delivers its value in a surprisingly short engagement that puts you in a ‘ready-to-go’ position for a programme that can achieve the transformation you need.

The approach is pragmatic in style and realistic in terms of time input needed from your staff. It provides an engaging output that helps align your stakeholders and provides a reference point for the duration of the programme.

Download the FRAME description for an overview of the product. The overview includes information on the Change Definition, Programme Plan and Business Case.

FRAME Description PDF 350k

To see examples of the final output produced by a FRAME, download the FRAME illustration.

FRAME Illustration PDF 1.4mb


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